Healthhub Co. Ltd. is constantly recruiting qualified members through the workforce pool system.

We would be happy to work with you. Encourage yourself to apply for Healthhub.


■ Recruitment sectors
  • Medical AI Research Center (Planning/AI Lab/Research / Development)
  • Department of Marketing (Sales/ Sales support / Marketing)
  • Department of Planning and Coordination (Management support / Financial accounting)



■ Qualifications for application & Recruitment process
  • Bachelor’s degree holders (graduates and B.A. candidates)
  • Discharged or exempted from military service. A person who has no disqualification from making overseas travel by law

Resume screening → Interview → Announcement of final successful candidates

We will inform the applicants of the result of whether being accepted or not.




■ How to apply
  • Please present free-form application documents (Resume and cover letter)
  • Attention: Be sure that you will be rejected in the final screening if documents that are not based on truth were submitted.