Patient-oriented medical services

Medical images storage platform for individuals, enabling easy storage and sharing of the data

  • Individual medical appointment management and storage of clinical data and medical images (mobile phone version or PC version)
  • Filtering function allowing search for detailed information such as location, photos, consultation hours, sub-specialty, equipment available, etc
  • Connected to various social media, HScan can be used for follow-up and marketing purposes.

Why is HScan essential?



"Share your images to your doctor in an easy way"

By uploading the medical image on HScan, your doctor can see it without any complicated processes.

  • You can be the very actor managing all medical information.
    The same way you manage your bank account, you manage the medical information.
  • More accurate diagnosis results based on the stored images of the past
    More accurate diagnosis assured when comparing the past images with the current ones
  • Prevention of unnecessary radiation exposure by repeated X-rays.
    This hospital requires this image while that hospital requires that image… Use HScan, and you no longer have to be X-rayed twice for the same disease.
  • Time saved
    Waiting time in the hospital is noticeably reduced by saving your time for not waiting for CD production and registration
  • Mobile phone instead of CDs
    Instead of CDs with a high risk of loss, manage all medical information by your mobile phone.
  • Management of radiological records of your family
    It allows you to manage all radiological records of your family.
  • Security
    Combined with Blockchain technology, counterfeit, falsification and history are recorded with transparency.


"Import and export the images without CD/DVD"

Send medical images directly to patients' HScan accounts

  • Decrease in misdiagnosis rate and medical malpractice
    Accuracy of interpretation increases by comparing the past images and the current ones.
  • Reduction in unnecessary inflexible personnel costs
    It is possible to diminish avoidable workforce and wasted resources caused by creation, storage and discard of CDs.
  • Reduction in patient’s waiting time
    Patients can save time by benefiting the excluded time for creating and registering of CDs.
  • Provision of lifetime storable examination images for patients
    It is possible to repay patients with improved medical services.


  • Improved level of national medical services
    It helps establish a preemptive model of work efficiency centered on patients and services.
  • Decrease in repeated X-rays
    Curtail waste of expenses caused by repeated X-ray examinations of up to 1.6 billion won monthly average and 50 million won daily average.
  • Mutual cooperation among medical institutions
    It builds a systematic and advanced service system for consultation cooperation.
  • Provision of lifetime storable examination images
    The State can provide improved medical services to its nation.