HPMS provides integrated hospital management thorugh patient management and data analysis,

allowing administrators to establish operation and marketing plans.




Integrated solution for hospital management
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Functions of HPMS

Patient appointment Reception Consultation support Management statistics

Insurance claim Work management Purchasing management Marketing management

Advantageous features of HPMS

  • Automatic reception and booking system via App
  • Document management system using Tablet
  • Promotional videos at the waiting room and provision of notice service for waiting patients
  • Provision of customized text message services for patients by test
  • Provision of a daily report of key data for business management
  • Synchronized with HSuite
  • PACS One-click makes patient information confirmation available
  • Marketing support for synchronization with HBooking, HScan

HPMS management statistics/ Marketing support

Patients’ visit status Reception status Referral status Analysis of old/new patients

Prescription statistics Text message transmission Automatic notice of booked patients Marketing management