Web-based, HPACS does not require installation, providing access anywhere anytime.

User friendly interface

  • Domain experts participation in development: more than 100 radiologists participated as beta tester.
  • Medical images processing expertise: experience and technology accumulated through operating teleradiology network of over 700 hospitals and clinics, both domestic and overseas.

Connection through medical data platform

  • Realtime medical image exchange among hospitals using HPACS
    (HPACS provides access to all PACS functions anywhere, anytime)
  • Linked to HScan, HRefer, HPMS and HCase

Easy implementation and reduced costs

  • Time and cost saved through simplified implementation process
  • Easy upgrade with minimized cost
  • Various plans to cut down cost for clinics

Image sharing service for patients

  • Connected to HScan, HPACS realizes patient-oriented medical services
  • Expanded convenience for patients and reduction in time and workforce for CD issuance

Worklist and Filmbox on Web Browser

Efficient UI/UX design with radiologists' participation

  • Realization of the optimized environment for individual interpretation
  • Simultaneous access to the present/previous interpretation images
  • Flexible layout arrangement
  • Setting of frequently used shortcut key and macroinstruction available

H Smart Locator

Unconstrained constitution available for each environment such as Cloud method, automatic backup center construction, server installation type


Stable & Secure

  • Teleradiology accessible to only the person in charge helps minimize risks of exposure of personal information
  • Powerful security via AWS (Amazon Web Services) against external attacks
  • Relatively flexible server replacement when occurring server problems
  • Cloud backup support for data loss prevention

User Friendly

  • Support for the system requesting automatic remote interpretation
  • Zero Footprint
  • Consideration of use by heterogeneous institutions such as hospitals, imaging centers and insurance companies

Flexible & connectivity

  • Integration flexibility with dissimilar systems and workflow
  • APP Image storage without DVD (interpretation and viewer)
  • Work connection with no restrictions of devices, time and space
  • No need to install server, H/W Infra S/W